“Great project overview and learning from encrisp on GRC project with SAP. http://t.co/ODJv8Uk "

                                                                                                                                          - Michaelamz

“SocialGRC abilities are unique and industry innovating, taking Risk Management into new frontiers of Social Media in the Social Enterprise.  An idea whose time has come. "

                             - Tushar Bhavsar, Founding Board member,Cloud Security Alliance DC

"GRC training sessions held by EnCrisp at George Mason University were very informative and valuable as they are the only actual hands-on SAP driven GRC and security design academic classes. EnCrisp co-founder Bhavesh and his team very efficiently demonstrated the technical concepts of SAP systems to maximize its potential in the current economic downturn. The sessions were very interesting and I am looking forward to next training program by EnCrisp."
- Anna K. - Sr. Financial Auditor – Verizon Telecommunications
"I want to thank the entire EnCrisp team for their enormous support in the training sessions. Highly technical concepts were explained skilfully underlying the financial and risk management themes, making it easier to understand and implement in our business processes. Excellent in-depth knowledge shared on governance and compliance front from a practitioners point of view."
- John M. - Sr. Resource Management Officer – The World Bank, Treasury and Risk Management
"The GRC training was a rewarding learning experience. The EnCrisp instructors enabled a positive and dynamic learning environment and demonstrated great proficiency in the design and audit of SAP financial systems. All the sessions were extremely interactive making the technical aspects easier to grasp and comprehend. While I have attended other seminars in the past, the EnCrisp approach to Hands-on SAP GRC training is impressive. Attending these EnCrisp training sessions was a good investment of my time and training dollars and I would strongly recommend them."
- Noel N. - Audit and Assurance Manager, Big 4 Audit firm
"We decided to partner with EnCrisp for our global SAP GRC and Audit related projects after a rigorous selection process for our GRC implementation partners. EnCrisp’s “Guaranteed Outcome” commitment to our project is something which we found to be unique in the professional services industry. Their niche understanding of all facets of an organization and the constraints facing multiple stakeholders such as CFO, CIO and Audit groups, in addition to understanding the deepest technical aspects and security architecture, are something that sets them apart from other service providers. This allows EnCrisp to execute with confidence a successful outcome. We are very pleased with their collaborative approach of understanding not only the technology but the global organizational culture and the ability to bring our business, IT and finance/audit participants together to execute on this very important initiative. They are willing to roll-up their sleeves and face any challenge that may arise during the course of the project. While EnCrisp has helped us lay a successful Global footprint for SAP GRC, they have not hesitated to help us in understanding complementary aspects of issues relating to Audits and Solution Management within SAP. I would recommend them to anyone facing challenges in their SAP GRC, Security and IT Solution management, as well as re-engineering or evaluating existing models. We look forward to continue to partner with EnCrisp for many of our evolving needs in future."
- Susan A Holleran - VP, Enterprise Risk & Internal Audit, Waters Corporation
"EnCrisp GRC Training - Perfectly organized, intelligent and excellent expertise with the ability to be very dynamic in training. EnCrisp expert had excellent communication skills. Although technically oriented, they demonstrated the ability to communicate with simple, friendly language with a great sense of humor. One of the best training seminars I have ever been in!"
- Paul Ksobiech, IT Controls Manager, Rockwell Automation
"EnCrisp are unique experts in the field of SAP security and internal controls. EnCrisp professionals know the field of SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance subject matter like the back of their hands. EnCrisp is able to combine both technical knowledge of the subject with an understanding of the business process in a way that truly adds value. And on top of that the entire EnCrisp team is very easy to work with!"
- Adam Robbings, hired EnCrisp in 2006
"EnCrisp is one of the more skilled controls and compliance thinkers working in the enterprise controls arena. Bhavesh has worked at a granular level and has the experience with the details of audit and controls to support a dynamic and strategic way of viewing the controls and compliance world. I would consider him a leader in the filed."
- Greg Robinette, Robinette Industries and Consulting LLC
"EnCrisp played a vital role in the success of the SAP HR role redesign project for the HR Business Users. We are confident in passing our SAP HR Security audits as a result of EnCrisp’s work on our SAP Security redesign….EnCrisp led the efforts for SAP Security redesign in our HR systems and were very impressed with the technical SAP Security Knowledge as well as their execution abilities and grasp of business processes and audit principles along with Security expertise. Their emphasis on training our team from day one in their Security design methodology to prepare us with Knowledge Transfer for the days AFTER they leave was unique in consulting and very refreshing to see. The knowledge transfer will allow us to be successful going forward and has allowed us to retain (as a company) the skills and knowledge from this project. I would highly recommend them for any work in SAP Security, Audit and Controls as they are a pleasure to work with and guarantee results."
- Ryan Nakata, HR Compliance Sr. Manager, Global Telecom Company
"EnCrisp redesigned our SAP Security completely for Accounts Receivables functionality. Our security design is much stronger as a result of their efforts and we feel confident now to proactively manage security risks in SAP. EnCrisp consultants were willing to go above and beyond the normal duties and assisted us with resolving other PCI related security gaps as well. I was very impressed by technical and compliance prowess of EnCrisp team and they are a pleasure to work with. Their background in Compliance Software design and depth of SAP was very beneficial to our project. They made sure that before they left; they trained our team sufficiently and had a good plan of transition from Day 1. I would work with EnCrisp again any time and definitely would recommend them as SAP Governance Risk and Compliance specialists."
- Keith Bennett, Manager, US Wireless & Cellular Leader
"Having worked with controls specialists at EnCrisp®, I appreciate the depth of SAP security and controls knowledge they bring to projects. EnCrisp strives to be cutting edge in the latest modules and methodologies for ERP packages. They helped focus an evaluation of internal controls and they were pleasure to deal with. "
- Director, SAP Infrastructure at Pharmaceutical Co.
"The leadership of EnCrisp® was instrumental in our successful corporate-wide SOX project implementation. The technical ERP skills, audit methodology & SOX regulatory know-how they brought to the table really helped us in implementing a sustainable SOX compliance process in the first year of section 404, when many companies were struggling just to meet the compliance deadline."
- Manager IT Audit, A Global Consumer Products Manufacturing & Retail Co.
"I have known EnCrisp® founder and CEO through his involvement with our SAP Compliance and Controls groups as he helps our mutual customers in leveraging full potential of SAP technology for Security, Compliance and Internal Controls. He brings a lot of experience & passion to this subject of SAP controls and also takes this into the academic community."
- Sachar Paulus, SAP, Chief Security Officer