Your Global Partner for SAP and all other Enterprise GRC Sustainability alt

With the winds of corporate accountability and shareholder protection blowing through out the world in business and government circles, regulatory GRC with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other laws is NO longer just an option. Companies all over the world are realizing that good internal controls are good business practice.

EnCrisp® has been amongst these global business cycles of GRC from the get go. Having implemented many international Sarbanes-Oxley and other GRC initiatives in complex SAP environments, professionals from EnCrisp are experts in leveraging technology and best practices to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of GRC initiatives.

Since inception, companies have spent over approximately $6 billion on SOX GRC alone so far. The costs continue to rise with strong need for rationalization in the implementation efforts. Sustainability in GRC efforts is the theme that is on top of every concerned executive officer’s mind. EnCrisp specializes in implementing controls monitoring and testing automation with right integration points into SAP and other enterprise IT systems. Optimal leverage of integrated controls technology is the only way to make GRC initiatives sustainable and manageable in the near future.

EnCrisp specialists have a unique combination of Big 4 audit and GRC methodologies and have actually had experience in leading development of continuous controls monitoring and auditing software solutions with some leading software companies. GRC technology can be a double edged sword if not implemented right. Rather than streamlining the GRC initiatives, misguided GRC automation efforts lead to increased costs and longer time-to-GRC cycles. EnCrisp’s methodologies and real-life experience of actual creation of GRC automation software ensures that your GRC sustainability efforts are on a path of success.

SOX is but one such Audit Support driver, there are many such other regulatory needs which vary by industry such as HIPAA and GLBA to mandate strong privacy and data control issues in Healthcare and Financial industries. FDA CFR Part 11 in the Pharmaceutical industries, Basel II for operational risk in Banking industry and FIDICIA in the financial and insurance industry. EnCrisp specializes in IT assessments in support of such regulatory needs.

We enable successful GRC initiatives and turn around mis-implemented GRC initiatives through our proprietary EnCASH (GRC - Achieve - Sustain - Harmonize) methodology. The EnCASH model consists of the following activities;

  • Identify (Detect)
  • Document (Evaluate Controls GRC Design Effectiveness)
  • Test (Evaluate Controls GRC Operational Effectiveness)
  • Remediate (Prevent-Event Monitor-Sustain)
  • Harmonize (Leverage Enterprise wide Efficiency)

EnCrisp provides a clear GRC sustainability framework to help organizations evaluate their entire initiate-authorize-record-process-report transaction lifecycles occurring in their GRC landscape. Through the use of latest tools and methodologies and leveraging the most relevant framework such as COSO and COBIT in appropriate places, we Ensure that GRC activity does not become a one time burden but rather a smooth well integrated core business process in your organization.