Controls Innovation

Cnovation : Controls Innovation at its finest!

EnCrisp®’s Cnovation services are unique in the industry. With constantly changing business and corporate governance and internal controls environments globally, innovation and fresh ideas need to be applied to the field of enterprise security and controls management. Cnovation is geared towards precisely this type of innovative idea generation and servicing customers and companies who are trying to take the enterprise controls management to the next level.

Cnovation services are targeted towards two sets of audiences.

  • Organizations who need very unique and customized controls solutions for their environments and
  • product/software companies who are trying to create new ground breaking technologies to facilitate easier and more creative ways to manage security and controls within organizations.

EnCrisp®’s unique expertise and experience in the field of enterprise controls management brings the following key qualities to the table for its Cnovation services;

  • Actual experience in developing cutting edge continuous ERP controls monitoring technology from inception to product release.
  • Product strategy, design and marketing service experience.
  • Big 4 Audit and Assurance methodology and consulting services know-how.
  • Multiple Global Compliance and Sarbanes Oxley implementation life cycles.
  • Deep financial and business process audit knowledge and skill-sets.
  • Technical Engineering capabilities at the ERP core such as SAP and its BASIS, Web Application Services and Netweaver layers.
  • Specialized Enterprise Controls Research and services development center in EnCrisp®’s international offices in India for customized solutions for companies.

The specialized Cnovation services which are based on industry leading expertise and experience in assisting software solutions companies in going to market with product design for the Enterprise Controls Management space consist of;

  • Enterprise Controls Emerging market workshops
  • Product Design Strategy
  • Product Marketing Strategy and
  • Product Implementation and Methodology Development Strategy
  • Defining Product Eco-Systems