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"Confidence GovernanceTM

NO Software to Install ... NO Hardware to Buy! 

Razor sharp focus on your Governance Process

= Guaranteed Execution.

Confident Governance (Cloud Governance Platform as a Service) enables a clear and full perspective across the risks, threats and opportunities through an enterprise from Board level down to Technical Cloud, IT Application and Cyber Security Architectures. Confident Governance Cloud platform ensures proactive risk-based private and public strategic alignment with regulatory and compliance priorities towards organizational objectives. Traditional, domains of Governance, Risk and Compliance have been often confused with hodge-podge of Legacy applications and often processes are scattered across the enterprise and managed through separate spreadsheets and manual processes or through complex and costly GRC Legacy Automation. With Cloud Computing, the upcoming decade promises to bring tremendous innovation in Information Technology and Confident Governance is designed to provide such disruptive innovation, breaking down barriers of GRC and making it affordable for ALL companies not just Fortune 500 who can afford to spend millions on their Legacy infrastructures and applications. Security, Efficiency, Simplicity and Cost advantage are four key drivers for this disruptive innovation which extend the use of Risk based perspective across the DNA of an enterprise. Private and Public organizations often struggle to correlate Risk Assessment, monitor trends and gain an accurate picture of risk across the enterprise. This is exacerbated further for Small to Mid-Market enterprises - No more. “Confident Cloud Governance” – Its time has come!

ClearGRCTM solutions based on the Confident Governance platform are the next paradigm GRC as a Service (GRCaaS) built on Cloud, to provide market leading support for managing, monitoring and reporting risks. Confident Governance leverages the secure, flexible, scalable cloud platform and is housed in super secure Infrastructures for Cloud Computing at leveraged by US DOD and other similar entities. ClearGRC applications provide a powerful but easy to use enterprise solution that delivers significant advantages and cost benefits over traditional Legacy GRC systems objectives.

Using Confident Governance (GRC Platform as a Service), your organization can:

  • Provide On Demand Executive Board and Audit Committee Governance Dashboards
  • Standardize Business Rules for Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Governance for your Industry Verticals
  • With 14 industry verticals and over two dozen Frameworks to match, you can start right away to the content that matches you.
  • Quantify and Automate the Risk Assessment Process
  • Manage the entire process of Mitigating Risks using Actions, Controls and Workflow
  • Real time Governance and Cyber Security Reporting with NIST and other security frameworks pre-delivered
  • Improved Regulation Risk Control and Visibility for managing complex FCPA and other Legal Compliance needs
  • Gain Rapid Return on Investment – No SOFTWARE to Install NO Hardware to Buy.
  • Customizable in Days not Months and Years
  • Rapidly Enable Hundreds or Thousands of Users
  • Start with GRCRulesTM Pre-Customized by Industry
  • Rapidly Integrate with External Data Sources

Confident Governance powered by GRCWeaverTM content - Most of the enterprises have customized ERP systems, homegrown applications or legacy mainframes on dissimilar databases and platforms. Controls and processes on these different ERP systems need to be harmonized and aligned with overall compliance and risk objectives. The ClearGRC solutions leverage the GRCWeaver industry vertical financial and compliance content models cross-weaved with the ERP IT horizontal domain technical aspect to produce the unique ClearGRC Industry vertical driven solutions. Our business rules driven products are designed to work and be deployed within ANY continuous monitoring and testing application and fully complement any legacy GRC solutions to produce the most effective and lucid Executive and Boar level Audit Committee Dashboards. Thus our customers do not re-invent the wheel and we ensure that they minimize their compliance spend.

Key Features of ClearGRC are:

  • Purpose built with the Executive Board and C-Level Audit Committee’s need for simplicity and powerful visual co-relation
  • Content designed addresses continuously to evolving risks and regulations
  • Relational mapping across all global GRC units
  • Single global source for all GRC business rules
  • Each risk assessment has its own set of weightings
  • Always overlay the Risk-based business perspective on security, controls and other technical aspects
  • Decompose processes into process hierarchies as well as account hierarchies
  • Manage Policies and regulations through detailed regulation and policy hierarchies with ability to map to industry standard frameworks
  • Full support for risk heat maps with the ability to customize color/weighting assignments Utilizing’s powerful workflow capabilities
  • Designed to address latest advances in GRC domains such as convergence of Physical and Logical Security
  • Encompass power of Geo-Coding to enable business rules monitoring and visibility across Geography in a visual manner
  • Full document management support for maintaining risk related information Option to integrate with survey tools to help gather risk management data Easily integrate with External sources of risk related data

Confident Governance customers also benefit from the annual support and subscription models for the different GRCWeaver business rules packs that they can continuously update and be current with latest regulations and compliance needs. The affordable and easy to deploy annual content updates ensure that the customers are always on top of the constantly changing and dynamic nature of complex IT applications and regulatory business environments.

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