Brand Equity

The Meaning 


Who we are :Enterprise Controls and Risk Professionals
Our Focus on Execution : The word "Crisp" emphasizes what we stand for in our services delivery.  Sharp, Focused and Flawless in our global services delivery model.
Our Single-Minded Dedication : To the field of Enterprise Security and Internal Controls Management.

Logo : Our Perspective Vision

Enterprise wide focus : "En" signifies the emphasis of enterprise wide risk management and our dedication towards this field.
Controls at the Center : "C" is in the middle of everything we do. We believe good Controls are indeed good way of doing business and are arguably THE only way to do business. 
Minimization of Risk : The small "ris" emphasizes our focus on minimizing the risk through optimal increase in Controls.
Increase in ROI : The upwards arrow forming the base of the "i" signifies the increase in efficiency and controls benefits obtained.
Global Application : The globe above the "i" signifies our infinite vision for Enterprise Controls Management. We shall follow the risk and controls globally wherever they exist.

Significance of Logo Colors

Duality of Risk and Controls Management : The overlay of colors yellow and blue signify the duality in relationship between risk and controls in our life.  There is no progress without risk and yet there is no safety without good controls.  We strike the fine balance for you.

Taken together these symbols assure you that your Enterprise wide IT systems such as SAP, will be safer and more secure wherever you go in the world because EnCrisp ® ’s services give you a Global Partner to rely on.